Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC

Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a company that makes important medicines and operates around the world. They have a strong business in the United States where they make generic medicines, and they are also growing their business by creating their own branded medicines. They are also expanding their offerings in injectable medicines for hospitals, making similar versions of biologic drugs, and selling their medicines in some other countries. Overall, they are becoming a fast-growing and passionate company that aims to make essential medicines more affordable and accessible to people.

Their Requirements

Amneal Pharmaceuticals faced the challenge of managing a large volume of work and streamlining their internal processes. Their employees had numerous ideas for improvement, but there was no efficient system in place to capture and implement these ideas. Recognizing the need for change, Amneal Pharmaceuticals sought a solution that would digitize their work and enable the implementation of employee ideas through kaizen.

Our Solution

We are proud to present our latest software innovation that simplifies the kaizen process. Kaizen refers to a type of task where employees contribute their ideas for improvement within a company. With our software, these ideas can now be easily generated, tracked, and progressed upon approval from the company’s Head of Department (HOD).

How it Works

Idea Submission: Employees share their ideas for process improvement through our software platform.
Approval Process: The HOD reviews and approves the submitted ideas. Only approved ideas move forward to the next step.
Work Progression: Once an idea is approved, employees begin working on it. Our software generates a daily progress report, tracking the amount of work completed each day.=
Kaizen Completion
: If the HOD does not approve an idea, it will not progress into a kaizen. However, if approved, the idea transforms into a kaizen, and work continues accordingly.

Results Benefits

Streamlined Process: Our software simplifies the kaizen process, making it easy for employees to share their ideas and for the HOD to review and approve them.
Progress Tracking: With the daily progress report, employees can monitor the advancement of their kaizen and witness the impact of their contributions.
Efficient Decision-Making: The software provides real-time insights and analytics to enable data-driven decision-making by management.