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Micom IT is the partner you choose if you want your experience with an IT service provider to be better. Not only do we provide a fantastic choice of products and services but we provide the right choice of products and services for you with our extensive parnerships, sources and experience. With more attention to detail, more flexibility, more personal attention, more choices, better value and greater peace of mind, working with Micom IT is the best decision you will make. After many years of working in IT, Micom IT was set up in 1999 to provide a service that did not exist. The Micom management team had the vision of providing a higher service level than existed in the market whilst providing better choice, better value and always looking to provide the right service level for each client. Key to this service is that each individual gets a tailor-made personalised service designed for their specific needs which builds and grows with each interaction. Micom IT blazed the trail in 1999, and have continued down this path since on a mission to constantly improve and provide more value for our clients.  Quite simply, Micom IT have a mission to provide the best experience possible in IT.